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Mr. Perfecto's Second Dilemma

Not as in, Second Dilemma only, but my second post regarding a specific dilemma faced that I felt/feel the need to address publicly because of my position as a Christian leader.

CAUTIONARY - I believe the money transfer services of WORLD REMIT have become part of and under the control of the Cabal behind the PlanDemic to monitor & prevent funds from reaching TWNations - consider avoiding!

The PlanDemic, here we go again, has the world stumped, Christian included, and I cannot help but question as a Christian leader, could we or should we not as Christians, be doing more than we are?

God teaches us to expose evil (Ephesians 5:11), but what is the good to expose it, while doing nothing to remove it?

How's that any different than faith without works is dead? Clarity is, that we're saved by faith, not by works (John 6:29), but when faith is real, the works follow automatically out of passion and certainty.

Therefore, if we're doing nothing, is our faith even real? Only God knows!

In an article titled 'The Biased Corruption of FEMA,' I initially added a comment as follows:

We cannot use a broken system to fix said system – we need a new one1776 Constitutional Republic Government WORLD-WIDE

- We know how bad FEMA is and yet they still stand!
- We know how bad WHO is and yet they still stand!
- We know how bad WEF is and yet they still stand!
- We know how bad FDA is and yet they still stand!
- We know how bad CDC is and yet they still stand!
- We know how bad 'ALL' pharmaceutical companies are and yet they all still stand!
- We know how bad the educational system is and yet it still stands!
- We know how bad our legal system is and yet it still stands!
- We know how bad the MSM & SM PlanDemic backing billionaire monsters are and yet they still stand!
- We know how quickly evidences disappear as quickly as they were supposedly found and yet nothing is done about it!
- And we know there are evidences stacked to the moon & back to remove all of the above evil and yet it all still stands!

Not sure about any of you who claim the Christian title, but as for me, I believe without doubt that I can do all things in Christ who gives me the strength, and as God’s most imperfect servant, I’m getting tired of getting nowhere … and ready to do what is necessary to remove this global demonic stronghold in the name of JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD for the benefit of my children, grandchildren, and future generations.

One reply to my comment was:

You echo the sentiments of many of us here. Including myself. Our kids are inheriting a hell hole. My particular thoughts though, are that the men need to protect this continent, the women and the children. Isn’t that how every community since the dawn of mankind works? I don’t want to loose any of our men but what do you do when the satanists are literally eating our children???? Too long now!!!

A reply to the above comment was as follows:

Every man, woman, and child on this planet should be fighting for the kids, no holds barred, and no quarter given. All hands on deck! Armor up, lock & load!

As for violence - referring to the above comment, let us consider a person breaking into my home, with plans to harm me and/or have his way with my wife, and/or children if applicable, is it logical to assume that violence will take place during such an act of threat in my own home? If you think this is a time where I turn the other cheek, you're gravely missing the point our King of kings and Lord of lord is teaching us when He makes this statement.

So, what is the difference, when evil is knocking on the door of society, affecting me and all people across the globe, as it is with the PlanDemic, raping children, selling and sacrificing children, careers, businesses, and incomes lost, people 'DYING SUDDENLY' from the killer shot - and law & order and it's corrupt politicians are getting nowhere, considering one can no longer tell who is the good guy and who is not - with cloning and doubles in a seriously sick perverted world?

My final reply as a general comment for clarity was as follows:

Oddly enough, even as a Pastor, who’s told to return evil with good, and knowing God’s got the ultimate conclusion under control, I also cannot help but see this PlanDemic, overall demonic mess across the globe for what it is.

This is not normal circumstances, not an everyday or common disagreement, but evil backing WE THE PEOPLE into a deeper and darker pit of hell here on earth, and politics are CLEARLY not the answer, as they live high on the hog, golfing with Charlie Ward & President Trump for example, while we, the little guy, the pauper, continue taking the brunt of it all, suffering as the game of life is being played out.

When I think of such verses that tell us that God will have His revenge (Deuteronomy 32:35), that all things hidden will be exposed (Luke 8:17/Hebrews 4:13), I also cannot help but wonder that in His saying this, am I and all people, especially Christians who should know these truths and believe and not doubt, as always, has God not used HIS CREATION of people, both for Him and against Him, to bring about His revenge, His changes for higher purposes, exposing said truths/lies? ABSOLUTELY throughout all the OT & NT!

And does He not also teach us to EXPOSE THE EVIL? "Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them," (Ephesians 5:11).

*** Boggled / puzzled as a Christian leader, wanting to do right, and yet, feel even according to the living word that at the least, WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE have a greater responsibility than what we are acting on – for what is the point of exposing evil, and doing nothing about it?

Now you know both my dilemma and my heart!

Thank you, Jesus for direction, and ongoing blessings and favor with angelic protection over me, family, global ministry, all who call on your name as Savior, and for mercy upon this unbelieving world that you spoke into being from nothing to everything - amen and amen.

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