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Embarrassing to be Human to be White to be Christian

Why would we be willing to trust a government determined to starve perfectly healthy people, who should have a right to free choice to be vaccinated or not - especially when there is no evidence to support pandemic status, other than that which is propagated by a bias mainstream media owned by government and Cabal behind this grave dark lie?

Want a taste of what this demonic PlanDemic is really all about? READ THIS HERE!

Why is it that no one, government or health officials included, will allow third party pathologist accountability evidence that could quickly discredit pandemic status exists, literally; MSM (mainstream media), is part of the PlanDemic, and evil to the core!

NO? Watch 1 or all 30 truths by way of brilliant research HERE!

To assume anything, is to make an Ass of U and Me - and that is exactly what is taking place, while the global populace embrace the very lie out to destroy them; NOT A JOKE ... but as real as the nose on our face ... real as gravity!

From a theological perspective, it is not the fault of the people that they are not seeing, hearing, or believing what they should be - but rather - a direct influence of, Jesus Christ Living God, for His name's sake - that He might get the attention of the people, so when truth is exposed, they will turn to Him for the truth they need to set them free; like the song, Amazing Grace says, "I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see."

A darker perspective, is that the monsters trying to literally take over the world, NWO, placing it under communist satanic dictatorship, have been brainwashing the world for centuries for this very time: In 1959 the average attention span was 22 minutes * in 2000 it was 12 minutes * and in time for the PlanDemic it was only 8 seconds!

NO? Keep reading!

'IF' there were aliens, lol, OMG, and other life forms anywhere in the universe, for which there is not, nor evidence to support it, any more than the likes of vampires or zombies living in our neighborhoods, I'd be the first to share with said monsters, just how embarrassing it is to be human - and would gladly surrender myself to any other life form, with a brain unable to be manipulated and deceived by the devil; thank God for salvation and inerrant truth!

As for being embarrassed to be white, that shouldn't be rocket science. Who created white supremacy, but white man! Who created the KKK, but white man! Who massacred millions of indigenous people throughout the centuries, along with stealing their land, we now call our own, but white man! Who funded the launching and mind manipulation of the BLM (Black Lives Matter), but another white man! Who is the head of the serpent behind the vaccinations and deliberate testing and destruction of third world nations, but another white man named, Bill Gates, or any other communist-minded, marxist dictator, psycho!

And as for being embarrassed of being a Christian, NEVER MISTAKE THIS for being embarrassed of JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD, quite the contrary! But rather of those who play games with God and His living word, like Neo-Calvinist, David Platt for example, who believes that fellowship with the devil himself, disguised as an angel of light under the name of the Muslim Brotherhood is a good thing! Or of those caught up in their denominational pride, still teaching the law, having to earn God's blessings, while forgetting grace by definition, leaving their people living with unnecessary worry, fear, and doubt, fulfilling Galatians 5:4 and Galatians 5:15, just for starters - when God is about to spit them out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16). That is my excuse for being embarrassed as a Christian; I am the furthest from perfect - I am God's most imperfect - yet He is #1 to me - ALL OF HIS WORD - nothing added and nothing taken away - 100% denomination and pride free.

Think about this and the evil behind it for a moment!

We can't trust her or him! They're not vaccinated! They don't wear a mask! They speak the truth, we can't have that! They're Christian, that's hate speech, and we can't have that! They disagree with us, we can't have that! They're crippled, deformed, challenged, not perfect like us, we can't have that! There's too many people, we can't have that! They're sharing the truth of what's going on, we can't have that! They're too happy and thinking for themselves, we can have that! They're making too much money, we can't have that! They're teaching their own children what's right and wrong, we can't have that! They're wanting to tell us what to do and what they should and should not know, and we can't have that! 

HELLO! How does any of that relate to free choice?

Without judgment of others, just being honest, I seriously feel embarrassed to be part of society at this time in history, well into 2023. And to further help my position perhaps, I’m going to lengthen this chapter to incorporate most everything I had shared on a ‘FREE’ website (lost along with my income and 20yr career) that very few, including family would even visit, let alone find it on a long corrupted internet, ruled and manipulated by google, owned by the Cabal behind the PlanDemic; and trust me - I know already - I'm not as smart as I think I am - because my dying dad told me with his last words out of his mouth - who believed in evolution as an avid reader of such magazines as National Geographic!

From this point down, such information was available on old site.

For the record – in 1959, the average attention span was 22 minutes! In 2000, the average attention span was 12 minutes, and in 2019, just in time for the ‘PlanDemic,’ it was only 8 seconds; my oh my, how the system had brainwashed to masses, 95% of global society, who lived for self, unwilling to think for themselves, while surrendering and bowing to the devil, the father of lies, unknowingly, and fulfilling what one was quoted as saying, “technology was about to create a generation of idiots.”

Considering 7+ billion people around the world, compared to the numbers taking action to watch the following video (click on graphic to watch), have been small in comparison.

The Evergreen Cargo ship that was ‘divinely’ caught up in the Suez Canal, said cargo was never reported by MSM, and yet, the sheep (those bowing to the vaccine and mask mandates), continued to believe everything they continue propagating, even though they (MSM) are on team-satan. I'd say the following graphic illustrates that there is much more going on than health concerns; communist, dictatorship takeover perhaps, but no pandemic.

Now see for yourself, the MSM (mainstream media) in action - do not miss this! Operation Mockingbird, shows just how global MSM is in sync. Click on the graphic below!

Another interesting piece of information is the following ‘BRAINWASHED.’ Please take note, that these documentaries are not prepared by naive and/or ignorant people – offering 100% evidence to support their cases.

And please forgive me for shouting out this next caption: WHAT IF NO ONE EVER HAD TO DIE OR NEEDS TO DIE MOVING FORWARD, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PANDEMIC?

Seriously, I'm willing to sign an affidavit, confirming that my house becomes the house of anyone who can show me third party pathologist accountability supporting pandemic-status - because they cannot do it. Three times the supreme court has been reached, by mid-2021, requesting pathologist evidence, AND COULD NOT provide it, and yet, bought and paid for Judges would never enforce it; why is that?

Considering truth from medical and public figure professionals is being censored like no other time in history, still after three years, by MSM and SM giants, plus being threatened of losing careers and licenses, and life, by the likes of the CDC, WHO, and/or CMA, AMA, FDA's etc., it becomes evident, even to a 5 year old, that something isn't right.

Dr. Richard Bartlett, being told by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), to simply keep his patients comfortable, when he knew there had to be a solution ... quickly discovered that Budesonide worked ... BUT NO ONE CARED TO HEAR THIS GOOD NEWS ... and still don't ... WHY NOT?

Must see interview at and doctor information can be found by visiting

This PDF HERE, links you to the most brilliant and eye opening documentaries around the Covid/Cabal/PlanDemic fiasco, put together by European investigative journalists, Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter. For Christians, 11, 12, and 13, are pointing to the very idol gods that God has warned people about since the beginning.

*** HERE are shy of 1 Million Epidemiologists and Virologists signing The Great Barrington Declaration, propagated online as a lie, conspiracy theories, and/or trying to have it removed/blocked, stating THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!

Click on these three names as examples of professionals losing careers and lives threatened too many times to count - Dr Carrie Madej | Dr Sherri Tenpenny | Robert F Kennedy Jr.

The following three points also worth noting:

1/ Masked Children are Harmed | 2/ Experimenting on our Children | 3/ Recipients Become the Test Subjects (No testing ever done – not to be completed until 2023 – and rushed to market for distraction from USA Presidential Election)

The battle for the 2020 fraudulently stolen election is still on, hot & heavy into 2023, and long been proven how it was stolen, but the devil is given his due by God, for reasons we will never know this side of heaven *** however, click on the graphic below, or by finding it at Lindell TV -

In closing, WHAT IF, at the root of this PlanDemic, there really does exist a communist/socialist/totalitarianism agenda that thrives & prospers from the likes of Human Trafficking - Pedophilia - Pornography - anything and everything evil, nothing good (HERE)?

And WHAT IF this man, Jim Caviezel was doing a movie (Sound of Freedom), now completed, to expose the above atrocity, sharing his experience during a LIVE appearance in Tulsa Oklahoma Health & Freedom Mask-Free event 2021, with 4500+ in attendance, over 1 million streaming online – but being blocked from reaching the public for viewing?

HERE is the live interview, clicking on graphic above, or on link below - (

And in closing off this chapter, sadly, one of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks, turned out to be part of the problem, loving satan in real life, and part of the child pornography and sacrifice, and human trafficking scene, a grave disappointment.

Will The Real Tom Hanks Please Stand Up - No Clones Allowed - HERE

PS: Unless Jesus Christ is on your team, you stand to lose so much, as with all who received the vaccine; some even know Jesus as their Lord & Savior, soul secure because of that faith, yes, but still clearly chose to trust in self, rather than in His grace and promises, of Psalm 91 alone, and more boldly, John 15:5, or the following:

Matthew 12:30 “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me."

"For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."

"I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying."

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me."

"If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."


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