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Pharmaceutical Medical World Curse

*** THE FOLLOWING MANDATORY NOTICE found on all 100% natural products - is because money is in treatment, not prevention *** thus the monsters behind the PlanDemic also monopolize every other sector of life and business across the globe. How? Watch #14 HERE!

'These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for individual medical advice provided by your physician or any other healthcare professional.'

No? Disagree? No problem, for your wake-up call is coming.

There's unfathomable, staggering amounts of money to be made off the ignorance of the people, with FAKE VACCINES, PlanDemics, and the likes of synthetic vitamins alone, so the philosophy of these monsters is simple:

"Why prevent disease when money is in treatment?"

The video above references 'google' however, just a suggestion, consider using 'DUCK-DUCK-GO' or even the BRAVE browser, until our new 'QUANTUM' internet arrives.

This is an old post revived, but google is and has been playing a huge role behind the PlanDemic and its nazi, communist world control agenda, along with the pharmaceutical, medical clowns, including the likes of CDC, AMA, CMA, WHO, WEF, the UN, Gates Foundation, Microsoft, etc., and all expected to be exposed in the early future, and held accountable. Other co-conspirators include and not limited to; Zuckerberg, FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, Bezos, amazon, youtube, twitter, paypal, disney, and the list too many to count.

For the record, some good news of integral companies offering 100% natural products!

This company (HERE), for which 'I AM NOT an independent distributor,' used to be called 'Goyin' - and on that name alone, it could have continued to stand strong. However, wisdom suggested, perhaps foreseeing the downfall of the pharmaceutical greed and control, began to remarket as Live Pure, with many more products to refine the definition of 100% natural; Goyin is an amazing product.

This company (HERE) is another story again for the benefit of we the people - and when the New World New Season falls upon us early 2023, faithfully trusting, the entire world, Third World Nations included, as First World Nations, will begin to have access to as many of such products as any one else, and with the funds to be able to afford them.

Don't get me wrong, these products are not overpriced by any means, $60 + shipping per/month (cheaper on autoship), and worth every penny, however, in our current government, financial system that thrives and prospers off the debt of we the people, that price point still becomes expensive to a fair number of the global populous; BUT AGAIN - that is about to change.

I have personally met with connections to both of the above firms, led by integrity and people-first-health as their primary objective. With that said, as a plug for the OGF product, I met the late Dr. Robert Keller, the father of the family who now sell his product; brilliant beyond words, who did not create said product for profit, but rather, as an Oncologist, he personally needed his patients to be pain-free and comfortable as possible - and really too bad that he missed the greatest news that will come with truth to the world, that the very cancer he was doing his best to fight, it's own cure has been hidden for over 40 years.

Dr. Keller received a composition patent for this 100% natural product. Said patent is normally only provided to a pharmaceutical drug, never natural products, but because he could prove the following, the patent was awarded:

  • Every person taking this product, not some, every person, their glutathione, found in every cell in the body, would increase by 263%, minimum. Glutathione depletes itself from the body at the rate of 10-15% per/year starting around 25 years of age ... thus as time goes no, without glutathione, we die of old age, for which Dr. Keller said this is not necessary.

  • Because of the molecular structure of this product, and another reason for composition patent approval, this OGF enters every cell of the body, thus the reason it is so profoundly genius.

  • Plus, not only does OGF increase the glutathione levels in every person who consumes it, CATCH THIS, it triggers the body to begin reproducing glutathione in every cell in the body, and most significantly, for the elderly who normally would die without glutathione being depleted from their body.

And you cannot afford for me to leave you without sharing this OFFICIALLY REGISTERED piece of NATURAL (MIRACLE) EQUIPMENT, only one of its kind, that is a must for every household. However, again, under our current crooked corrupt government, financial system, it is simply too expensive; but the question becomes: "What makes sense, paying $5-7K for a product that has PROOF of 15-25 year life span - or paying maybe $3-5K for a wanna-be that's proven to last maybe 1-3 years maximum, contrary to youtube lies?

In brief, every drop of water from this unit, enters every cell in your body; BOTTLED WATER or TAP WATER does not and cannot, because their molecular structure is too large.

What does that mean for you as a consumer? A few things, such as, it can provide the consumer up to -800 (alkaline benefit), with every drop entering every cell in your body, while some of the best bottled waters offer +400 (acidic benefit), never '+', while never entering a cell in your body.

Most tap water, contrary to same manipulated propaganda, is maybe +200 - +100 (acidic), although far better than 99.9% of any bottled water - see below!

In closing, consider the undisputable fact that disease thrives in an acidic environment (bottled water/tap water), not alkaline, and the Kangen Leveluk Medical Water Unit produces alkaline water, directing said powerhouse water to every cell in your body when consumed; DOESN'T GET ANY HEALTHIER THAN THAT - when the molecular structure of other waters is too big to provide intracellular benefits - Kangen water does - as does the OGF product!

So as they say in the country, FILL YOUR BOOTS!


DO NOT MISS THIS short, foreign (not all English) IN YOUR FACE TRUTH about bottled water HERE!


Invest in yourself! Invest in truth!

Consider picking up one or all four Holy Spirit led authored books HERE or HERE addressing 'How & why we must connect with Jesus' * 'Man gives us religion - God gives us truth' * 'Lesson to live by' (powerful on grace & gratitude) * and 'Super hero's for Jesus' as a grass roots learning tool - awesome for children as well as new Christians.

I thank you for reading this post ... and I thank you, Jesus, my friend, brother, and joint heir in the Kingdom of Heaven/God ... amen and amen!


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