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The good news is - the world is about to witness the disclosure of how real, dark and evil the devil is, and has been, robbing, slow killing, and intentionally destroying us for centuries, thanks to innumerable political, medical, celebrity, and household renowned corporate satanic baboons, soon to be in custody, or already imprisoned or executed.

The good news is - the response, in trying to tell people throughout the PlanDemic that they have been 'brainwashed,' may only become 'WHATEVER,' from 'YA RIGHT,' but it's progress.

The good news is - colleges, universities, and other learning education centres, will be flushed and quickly relieved of 'ALL' professors and teaching materials intentionally and blatantly leading to the degradation of a wholesome society, its morals and principles.

The good news is - equality is about to take on new meaning, as poverty will be erased, especially Third World Nations, being lifted up and out of the pit of hell on earth.

The good news is - 6000+ deliberately confiscated and hidden patents for over 80 years, including Med-Beds, will be released to the world - the cure for cancer alone over 40 years - plus - FREE Tesla Pure Etheric Energy (Ether a free gift from the living God at creation).

This LINK goes deep into what has been taking place, and how we got here. However, as you dig in (1-30 is worth every minute), keep in mind, that the removal of the Cabal and their PlanDemic, is merely as though removing a cancerous tumor - evil/cancer will never ever fully disappear. You're about to see and hear some pretty far-out stuff, but know its reality is as real as the nose on our face.

The good news is - 100% natural everything is taking over, in the works of becoming the new and intended source, affordably, void of fake & false bogus lies and labels such as 'No GMO,' or claims of being 'Organic,' including fake 'Synthetic Vitamins,' or the newest and grotesque, 'Plant-Based' lies, such as 'Beyond Beef,' and 'Impossible' (source out Senomyx / Firmenich), where Fetus Kidney Cells are used for meat flavoring (HEK293), FDA approved.

The good news is - the pharmaceutical monopoly, a declaration that must be printed on all natural products (THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FDA etc.), will come crashing down, stopping these greedy money-hungry animal, control freaks, in their tracks.

The good news is - the likes of aspartame, sucralose, splenda, and others, worse than eating raw sugar, also FDA approved, will bite the dust as one of many contributing factors for weight-gain, promoted by the gamut of diet beverages (coke/pepsi) for weight-loss; NOT!

The good news is - bottled water will also be exposed for its false claims, being more highly acidic (+400 - +600) than all municipal tap waters (+100-200); disease thrives in an acidic environment, not alkaline - with a medical water units pumping out -450 to -800 Alkaline).

The LINK provided (-450 to -800 Alkaline), is not an affiliate link - I own one - GENIUS - I did my research, AND with Kangen (Japanese), that is run down by North American wanna-b's, such as LifeIonizers (mesh plates) ... all about money, zero about product, and if lucky, will last 2 years. The Kangen Medical Water Units (titanium steal plates), because of expertise, and renowned medical status, 15-25 years life expectancy is common - DO YOUR RESEARCH!

The good news is - for the time being, no more concern of demonic attacks against humanity, with fake PlanDemic planning by the evils of the WHO, WEF, UN, Cabal, Illuminati, fake royalty, the Popes, or Billy Gates, etc., to take over the world, they're history!

The good news is - the PlanDemic, as evil at it is (was), has been used for this very time by the living God, to bring truth to light, all that has been hidden and done in secret, while knowing all things before they happen, and for the benefit of mankind across the globe, drawing people to himself; man needs a Savior, and Jesus claimed to be God and proved it!

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