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Real Life Stuff - Change the Times Change Your Life

At 0635hrs back in May 2021, when this post was first written, the sun was shy of revealing full daylight … and the outline of the trail, in the woods before me, was just visible enough to know with familiarity that I was headed in the right direction.

Country in the city is what I prefer to call it! Far enough from the highways & byways to the point of near dead silence, other than the odd leaf shuffle by a scurrying squirrel, chipmunk, or an early bird out to get the worm.

One car was already in the parking lot upon my arrival. Good for them! No sign of its owner in the near pitch dark. Chances of bumping into them, or seeing them for that matter at this point was slim, other than three minutes into my walk, I'm seeing a flashlight coming my way.

As I get close enough to speak, still pitch dark, I offer up a, “Good morning early bird,” in a cheerful fashion, receiving a warm, “Good morning!” in return from a young female jogger. No stopping for chit-chat however, just out for the quiet and a walk, or run in her case.

No Technology - Giving Yourself a Break

“Real life stuff, change the times, change your life, is as simple as it sounds!”

If the majority could find it within themselves to escape the noise and hustle bustle of life, thirty to sixty minutes a day (NO TECHNOLOGY - GIVING YOURSELF A BREAK), mornings best and the truest source of oxygen (woods/country), author believes in a matter of days, perhaps a week or so at most, said majority could begin to experience refreshing change unlike anything prior, that could easily compliment or replace a gym membership.

Change the Times Change Your Life Challenge

Do I have the audacity to boldly proclaim that depression alone, could drop by a minimum of 60% if people took the ‘Change The Times, Change Your Life, Challenge?' Yup!

Would I be challenged by the scientific and/or medical world of our day for such a claim, considering I don’t have the data as evidence with a corresponding three or four page text lecture for people to read in supporting such a claim? Yup!

Yet if frank, I'm also willing to believe there are enough people who still choose to think for themselves and would see the logic in this idea, while also appreciating that the medical world, instead of pushing pills, PlanDemics, and treating disease, they should prioritize life and people and begin focusing on preventing disease for which we have the capabilities.

Serious Drop in the Attention Span

“We have over complicated everything, including the Lord's Prayer” ...

... and succumbed to the foolishness that if something is not as complex and detailed as The Laws of Thermodynamics, Mathematics,' or of ‘Relativity,’ then it’s unworthy. I disagree!

Let us consider the loss of logic & common sense behind the serious drop in the global attention span from 22 minutes in 1957, to 12 minutes in 2000, to only 8 seconds in 2019!

I don't pretend to know all the reasons behind such a decline, but I can guarantee the challenge of ‘Change The Times, Change Your Life' is not one of them.

Consider, is it possible evil is slipping STUFF under the PARENTAL RADAR as we coast through life being programmed and addicted to technology, to think, see, and do anything and everything but what's truly important?

For example, from another post, HERE, you can read about a Secretary of Education in the USA, who was arrested and executed behind the scenes, as his following directives were only a mere tip of the iceberg; IF IT COULD GET ANY MORE HIDEOUS & SATANIC!

[Modern youth must adopt the principles of a modern world, at an early age. Not every boy is a boy and not every girl is a girl. Exposure to non-binary faculty will help today’s students—tomorrow’s leaders—understand gender is a choice and not mandated at birth.
As educators we have a responsibility to make sure students have sexual options. We must accept our role. Cisgender parents are not qualified to instruct their children of sexuality in today’s evolving world. The cisgender faculty is to be weeded out and replaced by staff espousing “progressive” values, and children as young as ten—4th graders—are to be taught about gender-reassignment surgery and puberty blockers, which prevent the development of organic, and biological sex characteristics."]

Could teaching get any more disturbing than such evil, dark, and ignorant thinking?

Losing Much More Than Just Logic & Common Sense

Consider, Kelly Johnson aircraft engineer who pinned for us the KISS Principle, recognized most often for its acronym of KISS, and yet, the absence of the simple logic and common sense behind the fully spelled out principle itself, finds us running in the opposite direction.

“The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.”

Life and all we do should be kept simple, not overly complicated, for which it has become - and a great place to start is with self.

When we begin to no longer like the person looking back at us in the mirror, literally, all hell breaks loose … and we become as disrupted, unfocused, rude, obnoxious, beat-up, beat-down, and exhausted, as the next person; ALL at the expense of our children / grandchildren, being demonically coerced in school to choose their sex, brainwashed by supposed trusted educators who have chosen evil over good!

Would you consider filling your soul with a few minutes of quality, quiet down time on a daily basis, AWAY from technology, to think for yourself, to regain, reboot, and sustain your sanity, making time to rescue your children from such satanic agendas, a worthy idea?

It's all about real life stuff - change the times, change your life. If we don't, the devil will do it for us and has; PlanDemic!

  • John 10:10 (NLT) The thief’s (devils) purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

  • John 11:25 (NLT) Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.

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