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Proof of Weather Modification by: ODD TV on BITCHUTE

Proof of weather modification by: ODD TV on BITCHUTE - no such thing as natural weather is a PRO-PRESENTATION of investigative research, and you can watch it by clicking HERE.

This was originally published in June of 2021 - and updating because of disbelief in the crazy weather manipulation across the globe - all part of the same PlanDemic con!

You'll find a brief, professional, and sound evidence based production that exposes the truth behind HAARP/Chem-Trails by watching the actual video link above (HERE). Of course, as with all hidden truth, they are conspiracy theories only; BUT THEN, a conspiracy theory is only such when nothing can support the claims proposed, and we can see clearly HERE the demonic weather chaos, or HERE, 30 evidences of darker evil by an investigative journalist.

Author has no connection or affiliation with ODD TV on BITCHUTE - rather - just happened to be updating my own information regarding HAARP and CHEM-TRAILS ... and after many years of stumbling through youtube garbage, literally, unless directed to something specific, one learns to identify with real stuff, and this truth shared, 'no such thing as natural weather' hits home; the devil is not in control of the world as many believe ... rather, man and his own pride is in control, choosing to deny the living God, claiming there is no God, when only a fool would believe such foolishness *** yet freedom of choice/free will, must remain.

Another reason for this update, I encourage you to watch your own local horizons - and more and more we see a clear definition that stretches across the heavens, often with a whiteish line across the top and below is a solid color, from blueish to greyish; that is not of God my friends - but rather all part of the bogus 'climate change agenda/hoax,' and the satanic aim to cause consistent and distinct weather temperature changes, which in turn brings about what used to be known as the cold & flu, re-classified as covid-19. Difference is ... is that with the poison called a vaccine, it immediately goes to work to destroy the immune system ... thus why so many are now beginning to DIE SUDDENLY, especially already facing previous health challenges.

The Oprah Winfrey Approach

Not only does ODD TV fulfill his promise, proving that weather modification is and has been taking place for years beyond a questionable doubt, by the use of both Haarp and Chem-Trails (take note of graphic below of information that quickly disappeared), he also exposes what yours truly calls 'The Oprah Winfrey Approach.'

Not far into this video presentation, ODD TV makes reference to those who used to contradict the truth being exposed, and one being, Joe Rogan. You can also find Joe Rogan on BITCHUTE, and Brighteon also I believe, being a renowned podcaster.

Just a few years ago, 2018, Joe is preaching that Chem-Trails are indeed a conspiracy theory, and yet, in June of 2021, after being pro-Joe (China) Biden, suddenly, Joe Rogan has once again seen the light and becomes anti-biden. This is the infamous Oprah Winfrey approach in which I speak - jumping from one thing to another, diet this, new age that, abused children, etc., etc., chasing attention and the big bucks ... but the real question is, where is Ms. Oprah Winfrey today - PRISON? EXECUTED ALREADY for crimes against humanity?

And as for, Joe Rogan, not judging - but he cannot be Pro-PlanDemic and anti-Chem-Trails or Haarp at the same time, because they are all part of the same boat - same Cabal - same Illuminati figment of imagination. Otherwise that would be like me, author of this post, being Pro-Life, while supporting abortion at the same time; we cannot have our cake and eat it to!

The misinformed have a tendency of leaving a very evident trail, showing they don't have truth in them - exposing their imbalance that only comes when we don't have inerrant truth in us; truth as in the absolute, undeniable, infallible living word of JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD.

You will note that in my references to 'God,' with the odd exception, I will always boldly add, JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD, because He lives! No man-made-religion can boast of such. Respectfully, there were forty+ (40+) God-inspired authors who brought to us the living word of the living God as found in the Protestant Holy Bible - 66 books not 73!

No man could or can memorize to write down 31,173 verses (entire Holy Bible), or even their own books, such as the book of John, or Mark, Luke, etc., without the power of the Holy Spirit to direct and lead them. No more than could Muhammad, author/founder of the Muslim faith, dictate/write down 6237 verses, 114 chapters of his Quran - while noting also that Muslims do not believe in the Holy Spirit who would have needed to guide Muhammad.

So, we are not only being misled when it comes to weather manipulation and man's religion, but PlanDemics and more, until it's all stopped in its tracks - deception of what is and is not truth - evolution and all its fallacies - and the list goes on. To have balance and truth in us, to see through the evil and all its demonic manipulations, we must seek that truth outside the lies of what the devil is trying to convince the world as truth, otherwise, IT IS NOT God.

If there were errors and flaws, and inconsistencies to be found in the Holy Bible, especially considering that we have a soul, and at death it is going one place or another, heaven or hell, then I'd be the first to seek those answers ... but is simply and provably not the case.

Allow me to close off this post, referencing the last two pages of the book, "Man Gives us Religion - God Gives us Truth."

As long as biased facts are favored, supported, and propagated, we will continue to get what we’ve been getting, to our detriment.

For me, my objective, without pointing fingers, nor the right to do so, is to spread the ‘Good News,’ the Gospel of Grace of Jesus Christ and His absolute truth, while at the same time revealing to the public, as needed, the lies and deception that surrounds us on a daily basis in its attempt to secure a stronghold on all vulnerable and desperate souls, perhaps not strong enough to seek the help and truth needed.

  • Do you believe in an ‘absolute, undeniable, inerrant, and infallible truth?’

  • Have you just stopped looking?

  • Do you appreciate the difference between ‘Truth’ and ‘Absolute Truth?’

‘Truth’ is what the world (Man) sees/defines as true; ‘Absolute Truth’ is what God (Our Creator) intended as being valid.

May our King of kings and Lord of lords, JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD, richly bless you with much favor, and do so abundantly, according to His word, His will, His intention, and His purpose (Jeremiah 29:11) for your predestined (Romans 8:29 | Ephesians 1:5), existence, thank you, Jesus.

Your friend and Pastor who loves all and judges none … Kevin


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