Our Dilemma Has Affected Everything and Everyone With Pride at the Helm

Where does one begin trying to explain our current and unfortunate dilemma, especially when the global majority have experienced what appears to have been a major health disaster beginning to rectify itself, when nothing could be further from the truth?

How is it possible that literally, everything and everyone can be affected - and what is meant by pride at the helm?

Why would most, if not all history books need to be rewritten, and what makes me think I can make any sense of these issues in a mere post, when such a mess could easily warrant its own library?"


As for our dilemma, let me say that this piece of the puzzle is something that must not be taken lightly. It has evolved over centuries under devious and shrewd intent, by first removing the long lost significance of logic and common sense. Being an advocate of the 'Kiss Principle,' as in 'KISS,' Keep it Simple Silly (stupid), I can say with utmost certainty, my attempt to explain said mess, will be void of exhaustive rhetoric that is seldom, if ever, needed; perhaps the words, 'Military Tribunal' can help bring my perspective to light!

Using said long lost logic and common sense, allow me to share a few analogies that need only a glance, a right or wrong, yes or no resolve, not a lecture - while leaving the exhaustive rhetoric to the pompous and proud at heart.

For example from trivial to serious ...

... to ban a breed of dog from a country, state, or province, rather than holding its owner/trainer accountable for turning the dog ugly, vicious, and dangerous, is as logical having our pets sitting at the table and we humans lapping up from a bowl on the floor!

... to say guns kill people, rather than holding the one accountable who pulled the trigger, is like letting the shooter go free, while holding the gun for trial!

... to consider the case of a woman who purchases a 'HOT' coffee, spills it upon herself, and then sues said business, being no fault of theirs, and wins, is as foolish as a judge declaring that all crime is no longer crime, and being awarded 'Judge of the Year!'

... to watch the drivers handbook go from having purpose, to seeing '98%' of said book become meaningless, to the point of driving at your own risk, city or highway, as the likes of texting and driving becomes the next new norm in an unaccountable world.

... to allow the President, Prime Minister, or any position of political, medical, educational, or any influence of leadership, including a Judge in the court of supposed law, or leaders of supposed trusted mainstream media, to get away with anything contrary to rightful law, especially lying and taking bribes, hiding or censoring truth, or supporting an agenda against the people they represent, or world at large, is first appalling and worthy of immediate removal from said position (Republic Government), and all in disagreement, agreeing and/or in cohorts with the above noted, are also worthy of removal and dealt with according to legitimate, for the people, law enforcement.

... to have more than enough, justifiable evidence of proven fraudulent activity (stolen Presidential election), a crime against humanity, treason, satanism, child sacrifice (PlanDemic), or weather manipulation (HAARP -climate change agenda), and be getting away with it, while real people lose life by suicide, or deliberate attack against those speaking truth, losing careers, businesses, and hope, is deserving of imprisonment (restorative justice), or execution according to legitimate republic government law.

... to have only ONE faith, amidst a world overflowing with man-made religion (human accomplishment), that is capable on all counts, to justify itself as DIVINE (Divine Accomplishment), beyond the shadow of a doubt, yet finding the latter at -0 on a 1-10 scale, while everything else is at 10 on that same scale, is evident of corruption, by none other than the devil himself who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, deceiving the world into believing the ONE truth as the lie, and all his lies as truth.

We never find truth by following the crowd, anymore than we get blood from a stone, or truth from a lie.


Our dilemma synopsis is a PlanDemic disguised as a pandemic, with ZERO to do with health and everything to do with depopulation and new world order (NWO), by a deep demonic group known by many names, but primarily today as the Cabal.

Their agenda, unbeknownst to them, has always been known, but today, the good-guys, the Patriots for truth, for 'we the people,' are counteracting their evil objectives.

They needed the distraction, their PlanDemic, to take the attention off the 2020 USA Presidential election, with the intention of stealing it by way of manipulating votes from within the USA, as well as internationally in favor of Biden over Trump. WHY? In order for the global NWO to happen, said group needs the greatest super power on earth, the USA under their control (Biden as President) - but they were caught in the act, and long proven, shown for ALL TO SEE HERE, IP addresses hacking into said voting machines and changing votes; but the devils unlimited supply of minions choosing power and money over people, hold all necessary high ranking positions of health and government for example, to continue feeding the lie, including murder and threats of career loss, of those who dare refuse to support their demonic position.

With that said, HERE you will find the research giving full details of how this PlanDemic and much, much more came into being. If nothing else, begin with #14! (if link does not provide you a pdf with 30 documentaries, visit JesusChristLivingGod.com and you will find the link.)

Back to the questions at the beginning of this post, 'How is it possible that literally, everything and everyone can be affected - and what is meant by pride at the helm?' let me direct you once again to #14 documentary found on the pdf provided above; prepare yourself for a most harsh reality check as the mindset of the Cabal unfolds before you.

As for the meaning behind 'pride at the helm,' the Berean Bible, Proverbs 18:12 says, "Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud" while the New Living Translation (NLT), from which I choose to teach tells us, "Haughtiness goes before destruction; humility precedes honor."

When we begin to see, more so after watching #14 documentary alone, just how powerful and controlling this Cabal is, my post title "Our Dilemma Has Affected Everything and Everyone With Pride at the Helm," begins to stir the mind; imagine every sector of business and commerce known to man, from legal, health, media, education, hydro, gas & oil, you name it, everything we do and are involved in, has someone, or many, demonic minions sold out to the devil, monitoring and watching everything that takes place in every sector, to put into motion a cause and effect to further their cause, as evil and dark as it is.

Now you can better appreciate as to why most history books will need to be rewritten, grasping more so after watching #14 documentary noted above. Authors and composers, writers of movie scripts, media and magazine editors and chiefs, fake autobiographies, and so forth, as well as denominational seminaries, liberal and conservative included, by fraudulent appointments and documents of expertise, all claimed to be experts, although warped to dictate, propagate, and compose, to meet the initial objective - depopulation with NWO communist control and power!

IN OTHER WORDS, as of April 2022, and until this is disclosed/exposed for what it is, history has been and remains a lie - a direct result of no God, or playing god, or tampering with the living word, adding and/or taking away from the divine and inspired sixty-six books of the Holy Bible.

In closing, and as promised, this is not in itself an exhaustive writing on the topic - yet, for the in depth take needed, which I strongly encourage, push yourself into all thirty of the relatively short documentaries HERE by an award winning investigative researcher and journalist - since avoiding unnecessary exhaustive rhetoric in this post.