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Oh Happy Days Are About to Fall Upon Us All - Another Week, Year, Century?

Initially posted in June of 2021, this update is timestamping what may or may not be.

For example, it is said HERE, HERE, HERE, that no matter how big a plan, or how much money's behind it, proven to be in favor of darkness and not of light, evil, intended to do harm, it will be overturned, according to divine plan, for the glory of the living God who sees and knows all things, and benefit of ONLY THOSE who call on Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior; all according to His perfect timing - while unbelievers would be wise to take heed.

While billions believe in the living God, more billions do not. He has proven Himself over and over, appearing to be slow in fulfilling all His promises, when in fact, He is deliberately delaying for the benefit of those who still run from the only truth that can set them free; what good is it for a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul, trusting mans religion; one buddha saying you have a soul, another saying not?

The Covid-19-lie-hoax will go down in history at this point, as the biggest con the world has ever experienced. Additionally, as one of the largest distributions of wealth for the goodness of every man, woman, and child across the planet, with favor going to Third World Nations - resulting from the first world-wide-sting-operation, seizing the assets of Cabal billionaires, including 'fake' royalty and other pompous leaders choosing to play god.

It's said without authority that the happy days about to fall upon us, leading the way to a 'New World, New Season, for a season,' may come together as following:

On Sat. 25 March 2023, the Global Military Alliance and partners, officially began the Gold-Asset-Backed Global Currency Reset (GCR), of 209 nations, to free the world from the corrupt Central Banking System that has been thriving and prospering off the debt of the people for years.

A direct message from President Donald J. Trump (Primary GMA Leader), “My fellow Americans, The Storm is upon us,” will trigger Global Martial Law.

We would then receive several E B S (Emergency Broadcasting System) text messages on our phones, directing us to our TV, radio, and/or phones.

Jointly, all militaries of the Global Alliance will shut down all Media, Internet and TV programming. (Emergency services ONLY will remain).

During this time the Internet and ATMs will not work, while our phones will only work for 911 calls and receiving EBS messages.

Global Martial Law will include 10 days of 'Communication Darkness' where the EBS will be activated worldwide and play eight-hour documentaries three times a day (24/7) on the subjects of fraud, corruption, pedophilia, arrests and tribunals of Global Elites ... all behind the PlanDemic propagated as a pandemic.

Militaries will also be removing governments worldwide under control of the Cabal (PlanDemic), while making arrests on 500,000 sealed indictments.

After the 10 days of 'Communication Darkness,' we will then connect to a whole new Quantum Internet and banking system.

Old systems of Government, Education, Finance, Health, Trade and Commerce etc., will be dismantled and replaced.

The USA for example, will return to Common Law, replacing Admiralty Law, which was only loyal to the Crown of England, along with most countries across the globe. This will eliminate countless laws used by satanic criminals (Fake Royalty, Popes & Vatican, Rothschilds, Rockefellers), to control the masses and protect the evil impregnated within every sector of life and business imaginable to do their demonic bidding.

The above set apart, is what appears to be in line with current events and happenings, and yet, may not be anywhere near what God has planned ... and only He, the only God, knows all things before they happen (Isaiah 46:10)!

If you haven't seen the following pdf's, take a moment and brace yourself for the shock of a lifetime - with celebrity names that may or may not surprise you - going public if & when President Trump is reinstalled as the true and current President of the United States of America; thought to be saving the world, not just the USA, with the help of the living God!

Download PDF • 121KB

Download PDF • 32KB

A Clear Synopsis and Better Understanding of the Covid-PlanDemic HERE

With so much information available, our primary focus today, should be on sharing how the PlanDemic, disguised as a pandemic, has always been void of 'pandemic status' (bad case of the flu only) - where no one has ever needed to die, nor needs to die moving forward ( - and that the PlanDemic, was needed as a distraction for the following two reasons:

  1. placing the fear of death and dying in the minds of the global masses, so said Cabal behind PlanDemic could bring down the USA, beginning with overturning the Presidential Election, removing Trump and installing China's puppet, fake Biden.

  2. to keep the real 'GLOBAL' cash-cow profit-centre from being uncovered, funding everything from wars to poverty to world depopulation - Human Trafficking, pedophilia, pornography, and the likes of transgenderism, being exposed.

For a clear synopsis and better understanding of the Cabal-PlanDemic, one must/should be taking the following information HERE, much more seriously.

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT, rumor has it that with the 1776 Constitutional Republic Government will be installed across the USA, and all American personal debt will be wiped out when all is said and done; perhaps for the benefit of all nations across the world, because of the new banking/financial & Republic Government system replacing all current corrupt global central banking and self-serving government bodies of the devil.

Again, no one knows but God, if any of the above is actually in the process or true.

But what if the following is indeed divinely intended for global equality?

a) REDUCED PERSONAL INCOME TAX - if any at all - if legal!

  • Zero (0%) tax on earned income, on first $50,000.00 (low income earners)

  • 5% tax rate on earned income from, $50, 100.00 to $500,000.00

  • Zero (0%) on seniors (65+ Years Old) earned income, on first $100,000.00


  • Small business net tax from 9% to 4%

  • Corporation net tax from 15% to 9%


Death Penalty by Means of Military Tribunals for Prompt Prosecution (corrupt current government history) - if Restorative Justice fails to accomplish its genuine purpose:

  • Treason

  • 1st degree murder

  • Pedophilia

  • Domestic Terrorism

  • Illegal Drug Trafficking (importation)

  • Human Trafficking

  • Fire arms trafficking

  • Date/Rape

  • Genocide (laws to be created and made retroactive)

  • For recruiting and training children and youth (age 1 to 30 years old) for purposes of domestic/international terrorism

  • Domestic Espionage (spying for other countries)

  • Espionage by Foreign Nationals

  • Selling illegal drugs and providing for free illegal drugs to children and youth (age 1 to 30 years old) for purpose of hooking them into drugs.

  • Using children and youth as illegal drug mules (age zero 1 years old to 30 years old)

  • Economic sabotage

50 years imprisonment minimum, if not execution for:
  • Caught attempting to establish pharmaceutical vaccines or company formulations

  • Killing an individual with fire arm/deadly weapon

  • Rioting

  • Manufacturing anything illegal, and/or for purposes of selling/trafficking/drug dealing

  • Corruption and bribery (government employees and contractors)

  • Connections to terrorists, secret societies & groups or criminal gangs

  • Kidnapping

  • Money laundering

God's got us, and has long provided everything needed, 100% natural, to prevent disease, with very little need for wonder-doctors, interested in money and status, not people!

And lastly, in respect to prison terms, 'Restorative Justice,' can lead us to places we never imagined, and for all the right reasons, considering all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God - moving forward giving credit where credit is due, with no other gods before Him.

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