Live.Life.Church Who's Time Has Come For The Great Revival

Craig Groeschel, founding and Senior Pastor of Life.Church listens intently and serves his God - Jesus Christ Living God in a fashion worthy of much praise and glory to his God - and benefit of all willing to listen and learn, what was, what is, and what's to come.

Yours truly also holds fast to this King of kings in whom Pastor Craig boasts, and has done so quite deliberately for many years, because of the absolute, undeniable, irrefutable, inerrant and infallible living word, found in the Holy Bible - discovered one week following my second wife asking me to leave our matrimonial home.

Perhaps you can relate, or know one or two others who have been down this path; I too used to think I had all the answers!

From his message, 'Why Would a Loving God Send People to Hell,' I found it interesting his reference to Jeremiah 7:31, considering our current global predicament, facing the deepest and darkest deception known to mankind, the PlanDemic disguised as a pandemic, with the truth about to be shared with the world, having zero to do with health and everything to do with depopulation, human trafficking, satanic worship - and catch this - child sacrifice.

Pastor Craig has a true gift for sharing a message with a genuine heart and spirit in a unique and articulate fashion that gets people thinking. Yet again said message will only resonate with those seeking truth from the only absolute source that has been deliberately kicked to the curb as untruth for centuries, by the very Cabal behind the PlanDemic, believing that the murder and sacrifice of children is somehow a good thing.

So, the title, 'Why Would a Loving God Send People to Hell,' is a message that people should sit up and take notice of, for reasons too many to count; this is serious stuff and not Hollywood fiction!

Pastor Craig must also believe in shorter as being better, because before you know it, the impact of his message has taken root, and said message is over.

Regarding my post title, 'Live.Life.Church Who's Time Has Come For The Great Revival,' I believe that Life.Church is playing a huge role in perfect sync with the plans of the living God who has been using the PlanDemic chaos, lies and deception to not only expose what has been hidden, as His word teaches (HERE), but more importantly, to draw the people to Him for the truth needed that sets them free, by placing their trust, not in the evil of this world, but in the author of life who offers us the eternal light of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ Living God, the promised Messiah and Savior of the world.

Will there be a 'Great Revival?' Perhaps a better question might be, "When will this Great Revival take place?" and the answer to that, although no one could know this but God Himself, my guess is sooner than later - and not as in years by any means!

When the truth begins to sink in, following the official announcement, as to what has really been taking place around us (PlanDemic), considering the global majority, still to this day, actually believe the mainstream media as their go-to-source for facts, when nothing could be further from the truth, and brought up to date that they the people, have been and are the test subjects of the 'UNTESTED' vaccine - and they themselves approved the injection of poison into their bodies - only God knows the thoughts and actions that will follow, and the only 'ONE' who can draw the people unto Himself through faith in Christ.

In closing, in the perfect timing of God, I also believe that any day now, every mobile phone in the world will be receiving an EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) message specific to their country, leading us into a safe and deliberate form of martial law, where we will be confined to our homes for a timeframe of about ten (10) days, with access to one network channel only via television, to watch 'X#' of 8 hour videos exposing all the truth that has been taking place around the world with literal millions of arrests, convictions, executions or life imprisonments of those proven guilty through a Global Military Alliance Tribunal Court, so that people can see for themselves what they would never have believed prior.

President Trump, ages ago shared something to the affect that 'Sometimes we are unable to tell people anything, so we have to show them, and this is the way it had to be in order to take back control of the USA and world, for 'We The People,' from the Cabal, often referred to as the Illuminati - propagated for years by the MSM as a mere conspiracy theory.' NOT!

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