Lessons To Live By - Invincibility with Christ in You

You wouldn't be human if you didn't question such a brash claim as being 'invincible' with Christ as our Savior; that's really what this statement is claiming!

Crazy as it sounds, it's as true and real as is the nose on our face. The Holy Bible is found to be inerrant and infallible - it truly is everything and more as claimed, to be the only absolute, undeniable, and irrefutable text known to man, including all renowned books of antiquity.

'Lessons To Live By - Invincibility with Christ in you,' is the title of my new book that follows 'Jesus Christ Living God - How and Why we Must Connect,' as well as 'Man Gives us Religion - God Gives us Truth.

All three books are about 'God's Rescue Plan' offering a unique, Holy Spirit led anointing to each, and as always, although this may change, my books are written to give away, free, while sharing the greatest story ever told of the promised Messiah and Savior of the world, and proven to be as such beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Most Christian authors do what authors do - deliver a sound narrative perspective according to their beliefs and/or topic, referencing other fellow authors, as well perhaps of adding in infamous quotes including that of renowned philosophers.

Yours truly has found himself on a different path, one that speaks of and references only the 'ONE' who has come to rescue mankind - 'Jesus Christ Living God' - He is not dead!

When I speak of 'God' or of 'God's Rescue Plan,' I boldly proclaim at all times, not just 'God, or Jesus, or even, Jesus Christ, just another name to the global populous, but share it so the world understands upon hearing that the only and true God who can rescue them so they shall live even though they die, is in fact, 'Jesus Christ Living God.'

To a world that is hurting so, especially since the PlanDemic disguised as a pandemic, the biggest con in history, proving our past to be 90% lie, people need absolute truth because of being manipulated and deceived into believing anything and everything but Jesus Christ Living God; evolution, aliens, and time and dimension travel- you've got to be kidding!

But then, while loving all and judging none, agreeing to disagree, if we are told something long enough, eventually we will begin to believe it - just as being brought up to believe we are somehow superior to others, then so shall we believe it and live it out.

This particular book offers up twenty chapters (20 Lessons to live by), directing the reader on most every point addressed to a specific living word of God in the Holy Bible, confirming as to why a point was being addressed and why we can and should believe it - all sixty-six books from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 - nothing added and nothing taken away.

*** A POINT THAT MUST NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY *** There are not seventy-three books in the Holy Bible as Catholicism would have us believe. Speaking of the PlanDemic and the 'TRUTH' unfolding - I would be embarrassed of telling anyone I was Catholic - considering the Popes, the Vatican, countless priests, and nuns are and have been a disgrace to society behind closed doors for centuries, committing crimes against humanity, including satanic worship and child sacrifice; this is pure evil.

The twenty lessons to live by, book, teaches us how to avoid being deceived by the devil himself, evil being the absence of God. And until we are reading and learning from the only inerrant and infallible living word of, Jesus Christ Living God, sixty-six books, nothing added and nothing taken away, the Holy Bible itself, only then can we understand and then harness the power of invincibility that only come by way of such absolute and irrefutable truth that is completed with 'The Gospel of Grace,' thank you, Jesus.

In closing out this post, please click on the link below and download your own FREE COPY of my new book 'Lessons To Live By - Invincibility With Christ in You,' and/or the other two titles also - enjoy!

Lessons To Live By
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Man Gives us Religion
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