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What’s interesting about the video by ODD TV on BIT CHUTE, ‘The History of Evolution Theory,’ is that in less than 13 minutes, it presents the bias of those who have been pushing the evolution agenda theory, one of thousands of demonic untruths to deceive us.

Remember the DEBBIE DOWNER series from Saturday Night Live, a means of programming the minds to begin avoiding anyone who speaks about something THAT REALLY MATTERS, especially the truth, thus seeing such people as odd, unworthy, and certainly not worthy of hanging out with the cool IN-CROWD. 

Said video also uncovers darker evils that have masterfully deceived, and/or led to the murder of millions by way of eugenics (Bill Gates lifeblood), and PlanDemics - but overall - it dismantles said lie to the point of encouraging its viewers to think and see the obvious.

Agenda Lies Appearing as Real

The history of evolution theory, contrary to what Q, President Trump, Patriots stand for, has long been discredited. This is not about judging someone’s belief - it’s about the Cabal, the illuminate, the devil himself, determined to steal truth, through agenda lies appearing as real!

Three points to replace the all too common and unnecessary complexity behind evolution, ‘SIMPLY PUT’ is that the earth is -

Thousands of Years Old *** Provably & Realistically Not Millions or Billions

#1/ There is not a piece of equipment known to man, to measure date and time, much beyond ten thousand years (10K), let alone millions or billions. Radio-metric dating used by all evolutionists, is a 100% guessing game, with no means to give us a date or time stamp. Carbon-dating, however, can and does provide us an estimation; every item tested, previously noted as millions or billions of years old, was still emitting carbon gases, confirming, thousands of years, not millions or billions.

#2/ If said evolution theory were true, and we came from nothing, one cell, big-bang, whatever the constant changing theory may be for the day *** that would be like holding a demolitionist accountable for every speck of dust and debris from every project performed, because that is what evolution is suggesting - which is not logical!

#3/ On the precise position of the sun alone in the heavens, for it to have been positioned just one-one billionth of a millimeter one way or the other, we wouldn’t be here - and that divine design precision, also discredits the evolution big-bang theory?

It’s crucial we pick up on the deceptive power and demonic motivation that drives this Cabal / Illuminati / Committee of 300, whatever we choose to call them.

Their relentless attempts, fueled by the devil himself, whose sole purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy, have been going on for centuries - since the beginning of time, filling us with overwhelming lies and deceit to keep ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ too busy to think, in the dark, and as far away possible from the only absolute, inerrant, and infallible truth known to mankind.

IF someone could prove to the contrary that the Holy Bible, or Jesus Christ were not as claimed, for which even myself would welcome with open arms to secure my soul for all eternity, then there would be no reason for discussion. With that said, a first and genuine concern for anyone should be about the loss or security of their soul at death; eternity is a long time - and we may as well be enjoying that time, rather than fighting it, amen!

Same Thing 'Q' - President Trump - and the Patriots are Referring

Dear reader, you will know by other posts that links are found more plentiful in some than in others. The purpose, although appearing as obvious, is not just for you to make the connections as with any simple reference link, but more so, to see the truth connected to the living God that is consistent and plentiful for pretty much any topic, from a text written thousands of years prior, including prophecy fulfilled thousands of year prior to that.

It's one thing to read business or news literature and open a link in reference to said topic, but quite another when its text is inspired by the inerrant infallible living word of the living God, of which no other religious body can make nor support such a claim; as in National Geographic, rooted in evolutionary perspective, having bias of sharing otherwise, avoiding truth replaced by lies.

The above two paragraphs are the Same Thing 'Q' - President Trump - and the Patriots are Referring, and more so in this day and age, "we are unable to tell people anything, we must show them!"

To further support the truth, I choose to help people better understand for the simplicity it is, especially when I am constantly saying there are only two sides in this real world - good and evil - only two exits, heaven or hell (Lk 16:19-31).

Jesus says it this way: "Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me (Matt 12:30)." 

In closing, like yourself, we all know good people, but as I have shared the best way I know how with family and friends, and some strangers when asked, good people don't go to heaven, believers do. And considering Romans 10:9 says, "If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved," or 4 verses further (V13) says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved," I want to encourage you, not knowing when death will knock on our door, to have a little chat with Jesus - no fancy words needed - no such thing as being too bad to be forgiven - and secure your soul; give heaven a reason to rejoice in your name, for indeed, they will rejoice - for you too can enjoy 'A Better Way of Life.'


The post "A Tree is Identified by its Fruit" is an eye opening read - HERE


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