Jesus Christ Living God - Justifiably a Position Not Up For Debate

We are at a questionable breaking point as of November 2021, anxiously awaiting for the truth to be exposed regarding the PlanDemic that has held the world hostage for the past two years - while provably, pure evil has been planning this demise for over 2000 years - 200 immediately relatable.

The result of our predicament, might best be described in Chapter 1 from the book "Man Gives us Religion - God Gives us Truth," that states:

Our world is morally bankrupt, segregated from the truth. It is currently bowing to falsehood, which has no validation other than mythology and human accomplishment. As a result of this misleading, through denial of the truth, the heart remains callused, full of pride and self will, harboring the foulness of evil such as greed, envy, murder, deceit, malice, gossip, slander, and arrogance, to name a few.

The heart of man , woman , and child must be changed by their ‘Creator’ (Divine Accomplishment), not by self, someone or something created (Human Accomplishment). To ignore the truth of the living God with the power to resolve our societal dilemma is to embrace the very selfish and sinful acts that are imprisoning and destroying us, especially that of judging our fellow man.

“Man Gives us Religion – God Gives us Truth” was written in response to people seeking answers around Religion, Bible, Heaven, Hell, Truth, and the likes; Who do we trust? Where do we turn? What do we believe?

To live outside of truth is to deny the soul an eternal pardon, leaving it hostage to falsehood, temporal and mortal gratification, blinded to eternal condemnation; not a wise position. Augustine quoted: “The soul remains restless until it finds its rest in God.” Our shortfall today is, 'god or God?'

A clear distinction between fact and fiction challenges you in this book. All readers are encouraged to consider more seriously the evidence presented. Man can do nothing for us, but a personal relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ, can, in an instant, secure your soul for all eternity.

Man Gives us Religion
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A brief lesson/read showing an apples to apples comparison of human accomplishment vs divine accomplishment is also free to download immediately below.

22 A TRUE AWAKENING - Human Accomplishment vs Divine Accomplishment
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It is paramount for a world eager to experience genuine freedom - freedom from oppression of any kind - and yet - never must it be in the form of compromise, from a faith perspective especially, and/or otherwise.

One must never be forced to believe in anything - holding fast to free choice - whereas anyone instigating otherwise, should be locked up and the key thrown away - until restorative justice perhaps helps them to discover that agreeing to disagree is much better.

What most don't care to share, yours truly is doing so without reservation, from the point of actually believing it to be part of my directive - my purpose if you will, while here on earth.

When I suggest that myself, or anyone, in Christ, is 'INVINCIBLE WITH CHRIST IN YOU' (Subtitle of my new book 'Lessons To Live By'), I am being very serious in saying so.

Lessons To Live By
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If I were selling these books or lessons at this time, my motives would perhaps miss their mark, offering three pieces on this post alone, lol! However, even during my first career, which was in the music industry, I was always determined to give away my works - not out of desperation, or lesser quality by any means, always working with the best - but rather - it was always a heart thing - knowing that not everyone could afford to buy - as well as- my style of writing, music or books, has always been in a fashion relatable to the pauper or CEO, and I just had a humble passion to share the gift God had/has given me.

Speaking of motives, and especially after this PlanDemic mess is over, the biggest con in history, we must and cannot afford to move forward without the absolute inerrant and infallible living word from Jesus Christ Living God as found in the Holy Bible.

If you are concerned about the eternal resting place of your soul - what happens to you when you die, then seriously, you need this provable, absolute inerrant and infallible truth I boast about, for there is no other, there is only one; and this is not pride speaking!

On the other hand, if you are not concerned, that is your choice, and as far as I'm concerned, with this post, I've done my part by planting the seed, and if said seed is to grow any further, then so it shall and God, as in Jesus Christ, will make it happen.

In closing, there are three positions that our world must take notice of.

A/ When the PlanDemic is exposed, said information will reveal to the global majority, as in the first to get vaxxed, wear masks, while believing everything the mainstream media was telling them, that there never was a pandemic - zero about health - and they actually, willingly, and quite naively, granted permission to inject 'poison' into their bodies - a bogus UNTESTED VACCINE - becoming the test subjects themselves - TRUTH!

Speaking of truth, had these people known this guy I keep boasting about, Jesus Christ Living God, they would have known the truth that sets them free, PLUS, avoided the vax, never worn a mask, nor listened to the FAKE LYING NEWS MEDIA, nor continued tampering with the SOCIAL MEDIA GIANTS who were also part of the PlanDemic as well as funding billions to KILL THEM - another TRUTH!

B/ We then have our Patriots, guessing about 98% standing on 'In God We Trust,' - and yet the understanding of this claimed Christian position is found to be seriously warped to say the least. And according to 2 Timothy 3:16 that says: "All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right," I choose to do what most other leaders choose not to or neglect to do - and that is to offer up unrequested correction and discipline to these great leaders as to what's missing in their plight moving forward 'In God We Trust."

God's word clearly teaches "You must not have any other god but me," in Exodus 20:3, and just in following the updates from great patriots choosing to lead in this area, many slip in 'god' once in a while, but not necessarily a boastful 'God,' and very seldom do I hear 'Jesus,' and never of course 'Jesus Christ Living God.' But why not the latter - He lives, does He not?

In one sentence 'God' might be mentioned, and in the next, the same person is beaming off to the Galactic 5th dimension, or boasting of the enlightenment of a Greek deity, Gaia or addressing mother nature - NOT! Sorry friends, but if you want God to be serious about you, when you speak of Him, or boast of 'In God You Trust,' then you need and must cease adding to your gods (little 'g') - for there is only one, no other God, and His word warns us in Exodus 20:3, under grace or not under grace.

And lastly on this group, there are 'TOO MANY' standing also with 'In God We Trust,' one minute, and the next, or in all their updates, their speaking defeat and not boasting of inevitable victory which is already ours in Christ - for we are invincible in Christ Jesus - Psalm 91 | Psalm 138:3 | 1 John 4:4 | Mark 11:24 | Matthew 21:22 | John 10:10 | Philippians 4:13 | John 11:25 | John 1:17 | James 1:22 | 1 Peter 2:24 | Matthew 6:8/32 | Romans 8:29-30

C/ We then have yet another 'SERIOUS' matter that is destroying the Christian faith from the inside out, fulfilling Galatians 5:4, first, which in turn has led to the fulfillment of Galatians 5:15 in addition - and all 100% as a direct result of the devil's deception for the founding of Christian denominations/denominational pride, and NOT SCRIPTURAL.

Neo-Calvinists are today leading the way, connecting and fellowshipping with the Muslim Brotherhood - the stand that Christians and Muslims worship the same 'god,' - however, it should be 'God,' as in the Christian faith, and 'g' for Muslims; the latter worships Arabic moon-god! The book 'Marxianity,' exposes this demonic movement.

October 26, 2021- Photo below - “The brainchild of Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. and Imam Mohamed Magid, two prominent American religious leaders representing thousands of Evangelical and Muslim congregants, MFNN uses the extensive ties we have established with other faith leaders across the country to build bridges between religions.”

2 Corinthians 6:14-15 states: Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? What harmony can there be between Christ and the devil?

2 John 1:10-11 states: If anyone comes to your meeting and does not teach the truth about Christ, don’t invite that person into your home or give any kind of encouragement. Anyone who encourages such people becomes a partner in their evil work.

BEWARE! It is one thing to love all and judge none - agree to disagree - but as God's word states clearly, light & darkness, Christ & the devil, has no commonality - and when it does that means those who participate, become partner in their evil work.