Ignorance is Bliss

Let me not beat around the bush, as it is said! From The Covid World article we can find the following, and the rest of the story:

The COVID World post date: November 15th, 2021

Franklin Graham, an American Pastor who claimed that Jesus would have approved of the COVID-19 vaccine has developed pericarditis, which is an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart (pericardium). The influential Evangelical leader underwent specialized heart surgery on Monday, November 8th to treat a heart condition that had developed in recent months.

Graham urged Christians to take the COVID-19 jab earlier this year stating that it would follow the example set by Jesus Christ to use modern medicine and the injections to bring healing to people.

Could this man's pride have gotten the best of him? The Bible does teach that pride precedes the downfall of every man, but we will never know of this or whatever is taking place, for it is JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD in control of life and death, the hardening of hearts, the closing of eyes and plugging of the ears, that His will be done for His names sake.

I am not judging, Pastor Graham, for no man has that right, but no, Jesus would not encourage or accept the poison called covid-19 vaccine, the PlanDemic it is; what a joke!

Being bold when I come across such distorted and/or weird perspectives concerning, Jesus, such as this foolishness around covid and it's demonic PlanDemic, with zero to do with health and everything to do with communist, marxist, socialist dictatorship and New World Order, I'm unable to resist addressing such matters, according to 'ALL' of God's living word.

Ignorance is bliss, and how this can happen to once well grounded, so it appeared, Christian leaders, is beyond me, and most definitely beyond what the bible teaches, regarding the choices we make and the paths we choose to follow; we are to be full of God's wisdom, God's knowledge, God's understanding, not our own - and this is a clear indication that Pastor Franklin Graham is not as close to Jesus Christ as he thought he was.

Another example, the only reason Neo-Calvinist leaders, such as David Platt or John MacArthur, are hobnobbing with the Muslim Brotherhood, is because their pride has gotten the best of them; they are warm, not hot, not cold, but warm, high and on fire for self, and far from Christ.

The only reason, when one drives by a church, and reads a sign, 'Happy Holidays' and not 'Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,' is because, for lack of knowledge, this church has grown to love and accommodate the world more than Jesus; ashamed of the Gospel in other words; not putting on the armor of God daily, and if they did, obviously not believing it; we must not just listen and read the word of God, we must DO WHAT IT SAYS!

And another example, the only reason, when God's church chooses to worship God and satan in the same service, wearing masks and obeying the six foot satanic worshipping guidelines, is because they too have fallen short of boldness for truth and defending against the devils plans for God to accommodate him; crazy lunacy is what this is!

Yes, we are to obey and respect PEOPLE-FIRST government leadership, but we are not to obey tyrannical ANTI-PEOPLE government leadership!

And there comes a time where we must go beyond, TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK, and not just stand by as the killer has his way with our family or self, metaphorically speaking; we must stand and defend the freedom of absolute inerrant and infallible truth - for when we stand for nothing, we then fall for anything by following the crowd.

Christians still, going into 2022, bowing to the devil, giving in to his mask and six foot rule satanic mandates is wrong, period!

Yes, we are to live with love and patience, turning the other cheek, opposed to violence, while aiming to live in unity and peace with all people, even die for our fellow man, and to do what is right and morally sound.

Are we also then, to stand by as an evidently vile, corrupt and communist government with a depopulation agenda, takes away our God given rights, freedoms, and free speech, oppressing and murdering innocent people, including child sacrifice? Have we really become that cowardice, that ignorant, that naive, to bow down and surrender to the devil without a fight?

It would appear to be an overwhelming yes for 99% of Christians & leaders!

In closing, I have a previous post about how embarrassing it is to be human, to be white, to be Christian, for nothing any longer surprises me. Man, without Christ, is so willing to bow and surrender to the devil himself, giving up 'ALL' their freedoms, but Christians who should know better? It is truly sad and disappointing to see the very people who have accepted and trusted in the living God for eternal salvation, SO WILLING to turn their backs on Him, while in the next breath, be pledging allegiance to the devil and his rules.

PS: We have hit an all time low and worthy and deserving of forty years or more of wandering and being under oppression, and today, as of January 09, 2022, I'd have to say, looking like idiots in masks, obeying the devil's six foot rule, and giving permission to inject literal poison into our bodies, as though blind, like spitting in the face of JESUS, we are off to a pretty good start; may God have mercy on us all.