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Human Prey & Human Trafficking a Fake UK Royalty Tradition For Sport

To think as I was standing up and singing 'God Save the Queen' as a child, realistically, at that very same moment, that she-devil Queen Elizabeth was probably either sending another load of innocent children to be sacrificed for her fellow satanic worshippers, or to Lord knows where, to be used as sex-toys; all the while fake Prince Charles, aka, cloned King Charles lll, was listing and pricing his next 'Hard Target' for the wealthy as sport.

The truth of all the above will be exposed for all to see in God's perfect timing!

Hard Target Synopsis:

Natasha Binder comes to New Orleans looking for her father, who has gone missing. In doing so, she meets a very hard man called Chance who helps her find out that her father was killed by an organization who sell the opportunity to hunt human prey.

HERE | HERE or HERE if specific truth interests you | and/or HERE for it all

Will this post show my true colors? In a few ways, I believe it will. Since the day I became an ordained Pastor, it's been a habit of mine to often make it clear that Pastor Kevin is God's most imperfect servant; nothing has irritated me more over the years to see far too many leaders, pastors or otherwise, saying one thing and doing another. This is no excuse on my behalf, yet in my defense, God knew this before He predestined me for salvation.

Do I make a habit of being so bold? I do! Do I feel shame in doing so? No I do not! When I see how our world is unfolding before the eyes of only 20% global population at best - while the other 80% carry on, dumber than a bag of hammers, as though all is getting back to normal, the bolder I become.

In any of my posts, people can know I'm for real, speaking truth on any topic, including the degradation of the Christian faith, as a direct result of denominational pride - all part of the devil's intention and credit for victory, as said faith has destroyed itself from within.

Past tense regarding the destruction of the church is deliberate because it's truth! Can it be fixed? Only God knows the answer to that. From my humble perspective, when denominations, titles, and pride are removed from Christians and leaders, we might be on our way. Jesus is to be greater and greater, not us; and more concern about the log in our own eye, than the speck in another's, is also part of the solution.

Another puzzle for me, was how could so few Christians see PlanDemic and not pandemic, becoming fully vaxxed alongside the world - and making matters worse, following the devil's mandates, fellowshipping and praying, fully masked, in God's house of worship?

Idolatry is idolatry! In comparison, without need of a doctorate in theology, is there really any difference between money changers being kicked out of the Temple, and bowing to the devil and his mandates in God's house? An insult to God and His church, with zero to do with faith and everything to do with fear.

Is the PlanDemic that's 100% evil, not so, because of the absence of God?

Is the sport of human targets as prey, human trafficking, child sacrifice, corrupt government, death-vax pharmaceutical companies, bought and paid for fake news, and propagating the perversion of pedophilia, and transgenderism, not from the same evil and demonic tree determined to steal, kill, and destroy all that is good because of the absence of God?

In closing, it is said that if the Democrats in the USA, as well as the Liberal Government in Canada, same demonic team, have their way, masks and vaccines will become mandatory straight across the board; this is without any third party pathologist evidence to prove pandemic status ever, with shy of a million medical specialists long declaring there to be no such thing. WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THIS PASTOR WILL BE DOING when TOLD to wear a mask and/or be vaccinated?

Four words, 'OVER MY DEAD BODY' thank you, Jesus!
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