Enemy Defeated - Victory Season - Global Celebration

If the heralded, Nostradamus, a specialist in occultism, can make prediction after prediction for the world's end, with as much chance of it raining meatballs, or have our so-called professionals from the likes of the UN, or University/College experts voicing their wisdom for disaster, along with the laughable 'Climate Change' agenda - then surely it would be OK for a 'no one important' like myself to lay claim, the enemy defeated, a victory season is upon us, and a serious global celebration is on our horizon, would it not?

I'm no, Nostradamus or university/college, or political expert, but I do see the Cabal, Deepstate, PlanDemic, Communist takeover attempt, as well as the Climate Change Agenda, all squashed, over-done-with-gone, and caput - Enemy Defeated, with sunshine, rainbows, and smiles (no masks to hide them), love, joy, and peace on earth with a victory season and global celebration, involving the fellowship and rejoicing of every race, color, creed, nationality, belief and personality on planet earth - all together - with a new common courtesy that agrees to disagree, while loving all and judging none.

Not bad if I do say so myself! And can it get any better?

Can it get any better? Absolutely! There is indeed 'A Much Better Way,' Imagine for a moment, the excitement and hope established when over six thousand (6000), deliberately hidden medical discoveries, including Med Beds, are suddenly in the process of being made available around the world, with a top priority zeroed in on Third World Nations, suffering for centuries beyond words.

In India alone, 600 Physicians lost their lives because of the covid-lie-jab that created a crisis in their medical industry. The vaccine is the killer, not the Covid-19-lie, being nothing more than a bad case of the flu, as warned from day one. The western medical system used throughout the world has violated all the Nuremburg code laws and rights of the Sovereignty of the Human Being. Actual GBD taken down!

Speaking of 'can it get any better' consider the likes of -





Better still, multiple trillions of dollars seized from the above irresponsible demonic minions and many other places, is said to being directed for the betterment of mankind, including the rebuilding of Haiti for example, destroyed by the use of HAARP, one of many Cabal toys.

And then we have Quantum, Quantum, Quantum -

- Everything is going Quantum: Quantum GESARA, Quantum Financial System, Quantum Voting System, Quantum Healing, Quantum Physics and Quantum Internet.

- Quantum Internet in a fashion that the Internet we know now, will go down and a new Internet will reboot - CATCHING THIS - where there will be no more Microsoft, Operation Mockingbird or media owned and controlled by the Mossad, UK Royals, 5 Eyes and CIA.

Instead, REGULATED & MONITORED TV and Newspapers will combine into one TRANSPARENT news channel, guarded by Military Intelligence.

Operation Disclosure says - “Stay Positive. Stay Together. Work Together. Win Together. The Best is Yet to Come.”

QUESTION ON THE MINDS OF MANY: Will there be peace on earth for ever more? As much as I'd like to think so, my expertise as a Christian leader (M.R.S.), appreciated by many, abhorred by default of media propagation by the majority, strongly adds that the season I speak of, is a time indeed of peace, but relatable to the yeast used by the baker, only a little bit goes a long way, and even as good as the Cabal clean-up will be, it is virtually impossible to catch the little fish, now able to become bigger fish with the same, if not worse extremist mindset than has just been disposed of.

If those arrested, tried, and prosecuted by way of execution or life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, assumed their disgusting and appalling habits and activities as somehow justifiable by law or freedom of rights, we can well imagine what is assured to come next.

Does That Alone Not Make You Wonder/Ponder Why

Again, timing is simply something we can never know. My suggestion is to place your trust, self and family, into the hands of the living God, Jesus Christ. I'm the odd duckling, odd man out, the weirdo if you will, lol, bringing this to your attention - however - those doing the accusing of such, for the past 35 years, have yet to show me anything to discredit the truth I am aiming to point you towards. Does that alone not make you wonder/ponder why?

In closing, and in knowing that with or without the kind oppression experienced under the truly demonic PlanDemic, and even with the season of peace and freedom on the horizon, we still never know when the lights will go out for us, to no longer experience another sunrise or sunset. Therefore, you're encouraged to download either or both of the FREE e-Books below, no catch, no follow-up, and allow the Creator to begin pointing you and/or your family, to a life and purpose already prepared for you, far beyond our own understanding, and indeed to 'A Much Better Way.'

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