Children Ask What Adults Will Not - "Why Do We Look Different?"

Are there different races? Why do people look different from each other? If we knew this answer and the truth that goes with it, we would not so easily run in the opposite direction.

You can watch a video excerpt from 'Kids’ Most-Asked Questions' about Science & the Bible to get answers, HERE or by clicking on the graphic below - 7.5 minutes only

If I were starting over again, as in, having a family, AiG or Answers in Genesis, home of the life sized 'Noah's Arc,' would be a priority bookmark in helping to build a rock-solid biblical worldview foundation for the benefit of my children; it cannot be discredited, it's inerrant and infallible, and all in accordance to Divine Intelligent Design intentions.

Example #1, as repetitive as this may sound, look at the billions of people believing in a pandemic with zero to do with health (PlanDemic), not to mention, the millions of lives lost as a result of the vaccine injection themselves, at the mercy of a lying and deceiving medical, pharmaceutical global conspiracy, long capable of preventing disease, who have deliberately chosen to treat disease, profit over people, while playing god with no regard for we the people; is this not a direct result of ignorance, trusting man over the 'ONE' who created man - that may take a generation or two to be free of accompanying side-affects?

Example #2, with the magazine companies pushing evolution, no different than their bogus 'climate change,' agenda, when nothing could be further from the truth for either of these positions, we can see the truth easily satisfied by both science and the bible when the Bible Timeline is shared with an open mind; a young earth, also, cannot be discredited.

Example #3, what about the so-called Bible Contradictions, or History of the Bible, or Noah's Flood, confirmed as humanly possible, as a very real and historical global catastrophe?

The list is endless, and God, as in Jesus Christ Living God, is the same yesterday, today, and forever - for which man's religion, all founded by one man only, are mere figments of their own imagination, including the Book of Mormon, NWT Jehovah's Witness bible, or the Catholic Bible with 7 books that were not inspired of God that ARE NOT PART OF THE LIVING WORD; not judging, just speaking truth.

And then we have a rather large list of 'Frequently Asked Bible Questions,' that you can see for yourself HERE, or by clicking on the graphic above; perhaps a question of your own!

If we will humble ourselves as though little children again, getting answers to our questions from unbiased sources, such as listed here, life can take on new meaning, merely based on the evidence available to support the answers provided.

Sadly, we will soon witness for ourselves that history, for the most part, has been a lie, where history books will literally need to be re-written, and if interested, while waiting for the pandemic to be exposed for the PlanDemic it is, select and watch any of the thirty (30) documentaries on the pdf immediately below.

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