The Short & Simple of Life

Setting philosophy and speculation aside, it is a good thing to know and be able to rightly justify and/or explain such things as the Laws of Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Gravity, and yet, does such knowledge add any benefit to living life to the fullest in respect to loving your neighbor as yourself; loving all and judging none; agreeing to disagree?

Although, only natural for us to leave our childhood childish ways behind us as we evolve into adults, must it also be natural for us to lose our child-like ways of seeing life, with its fun, curiosity, wild imagination, and loving your neighbor as yourself, loving all judging none, agreeing to disagree intact, by the time we reach adulthood?

Is there 'the short & simple of life' path worth considering, truly inerrant and infallible to help us maintain the innocence and passion for life that is lost, ninety-nine percent of the time, from childhood to adolescence moving forward?

From a worldly perspective, we might first begin to recognize that teachers are to teach, and parents are to educate, not the other way around. Sadly, up until 2020, and still going into 2022, a small percentage of the global populous is just discovering how pretty much every facet of life to date has been a lie, deliberately manipulated, from our education system, the medical field and Big Pharma, government, to MSM, SM, and all at the hands of what has become known as the Cabal behind the PlanDemic disguised as a pandemic; nothing less than a real life depopulation, New World Order, communist takeover agenda to reduce global population down to 500,000,000 from approximately 7.5 billion - while only the crème de la crème, fittest of the fit, in their own seriously disturbed and perverted satanic minds.

Now because I have never been able to see or appreciate the point of an over-exhaustive (complicated) explanation on any topic, when a simple one could suffice, allow me go directly to the point at hand.

The answer to the question, "is there 'the short & simple of life' path to be found, worth considering that is truly inerrant and infallible," is an undeniable and irrefutable yes. Let me justify it in the following manner.

Simply put, 1 + 1 = 2, not 3! And yet, for as long as we can remember, the mind of man has been deliberately and demonically (do not take lightly the latter word), deceived into actually believing, it doesn't have to be '3' but rather anything you choose to see it as being.

Every truth from every angle, over time, has been programmed into our minds as a lie, or at the least, the potential of a lie. In other words, truth has become the lie, and the lie has taken over truth.

Genesis 3:1-5, where it all began, contrary to popular opinion, yet only because of said deception impregnated within all cultures to believe a lie as truth, tell us the following:

1/ The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the LORD God had made. One day he asked the woman, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” 2/ “Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied. 3/ “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat. God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’” 4/ “You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman. 5/ “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”

And so deception became the tool of all who choose to ignore the truth, deceptively turned into a lie, and manipulation from that moment forward, existed for one purpose only: to assist the devil/satan to steal, kill, and destroy any one and any thing in his path, to maintain the lie as truth and the truth as a lie - John 10:10 - 2 Corinthians 11:14 - 1 Peter 5:8.

Verse 4 of Genesis 3 above, calls God the liar, when the devil himself is the proven liar, saying, "You won't die!" when in fact God said in Genesis 2:17b "If you eat its fruit, you are sure to die."

God created man to live forever, immortal, not mortal, everything provided, and all he had to do was, literally, eat, drink, and enjoy life. Because of being deceived into doubting God, immortality, in the blink of an eye, the taste of the fruit, man was suddenly mortal, he would die after a short time on earth, separated from the intended regular fellowship with his Creator, and would work by the sweat of his brow, and the woman would not only suffer unnecessary childbearing pain, but also be ruled over by man, contrary to divine plan of full equality, zero superiority, with a specific plan and purpose for both male and female.

Unfortunately, man-made religion (Human Accomplishment), cannot teach us this. Every religion known to man, apart from Judaism/Christianity (Divine Accomplishment), was founded by 'ONE MAN ONLY.' Even in a court of law globally speaking, two or more witnesses are necessary for a case to be supported, plus, every man-made religion can be discredited as man and not God by the definition of 'IDOLATRY.'

Do I bring up the latter point to judge another? Not likely, from a heart driven by love and respect for all people, everywhere, every race, every culture, every nation, loving all judging none, and agreeing to disagree.

In closing, just as we are unable to get blood from a stone or truth from a lie, so it is that we should not be guiding our children by way of lies and deception according to a faith with zero to support itself, other than one man's founding opinion.

Therefore, IF Islam, IF Buddhism, IF Hinduism, IF Confucianism can be proven to be errant and fallible, meaning idolatry; IF Catholicism can be proven to be errant and fallible (73 books not 66), meaning idolatry; IF Mormonism can be proven to be errant and fallible (nothing to support book of mormon), meaning idolatry - AND so the story goes - YET Christianity, the Holy Bible, nothing added or taken away, cannot be discredited, and provably 100% DIVINE, inerrant, and infallible, with every attempt known to man brought against it to prove otherwise, and unsuccessful, then yes, 'the short & simple of life' to be followed, being irrefutable and undeniable is JESUS CHRIST LIVING GOD - The Holy Bible - Father - Son - Holy Spirit - The Holy Trinity of the Christian faith, nothing more, nothing less.

Man Gives us Religion
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