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Predestination Simply Put And Why It's Important Good News For You

On this one topic alone, it's suffice to say that it confirms, A/ why God removed me from a typical orthodox seminary teaching curriculum to unorthodox, and B/ how the idea of 'denominations,' as with idolatry (idol worship) and/or man-made religions, including the fallacy of evolution, is all part of the devil's obsession to steal, kill, and destroy everything in his path, convincing through deception that the only inerrant and infallible truth (Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible), known to man is the lie, and everything apart from it, is truth.

No matter the topic, in the pulpit or outside of it, man has graciously adopted and adapted to taking everything simple, and unnecessarily turning it into overly complicated and confusing matters. Why do we insist on making everything so exhaustive? It's part of the demonic package, from pride and all its selfishness, to the necessity of being smarter than the next guy; in the Christian world, satan's primary objective, denominational pride causing division and confusion, passes with flying colors.

Although the site (GotQuestions), identifies as non-denominational, while doing a marvelous job for the glory of Jesus Christ Living God and His living word, the topic of predestination described by them (Here) is a perfect example of unintentional denominational pride and confusion at work. Their Calvinist/Baptist position takes predestination to levels unnecessary and irrelevant. The student, congregant, new or seasoned believer, doesn't need to know the theology the teacher has learned in order to teach; but we the teachers tend to see the need to showoff the knowledge we have learned in order to keep our worthiness impressive and without disappointment to the board of directors who hires and fires - another fallacy within God's church that has become man's church.

Knowing if predestination is biblical is good! Learning the distinction between predestination and free will is also good, but beginning to get confusing. Learning how predestination and election are connected with foreknowledge is leading people into La La Land, especially when they don't need it.

Perhaps time is better spent on lessons of immediate relevance such as why it's best to place our faith in the faithfulness of Jesus; the how of salvation; or the why and how we connect with the Savior of the world, author of life!

Teaching the simplicity of Romans 10:9 (the seed perhaps already planted that God is about to grow), or Mark 11:24 tied in with James 1:5-8 and/or James 4:3 to clarify clear motives, in my humble opinion, is far more beneficial, not to mention interesting, than knowing how predestination, election, and foreknowledge come into the equation.

Regarding the title, 'Predestination Simply Put And Why It's Important Good News For You,' here is the simply put part.

If you already know Jesus as your personal Lord & Savior, that means you were predestined, by God's sovereignty (Romans 8:29-30 | Ephesians 1:5) to know Jesus the very day and moment you trusted in Him by faith alone, securing your soul for all eternity, that you might live even though you die, as in dying when we speak of death.

If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, we cannot say you are predestined. But because this seed of truth (that sets a man free), has been planted, shared with you by reading this post, or perhaps hearing about Jesus many times prior, for all we know, God has predestined you also, but your time has not yet come; for simply, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!

Romans 10:9 says: "If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

Simply put, if you sincerely said something like, "Jesus, I believe in you and that God raised you from the dead. Help me to trust in you and live even though I die, thank you," you will be saved - born-again (John 3:1-21)!

As you can see, simply put, salvation, to live even though we die, need not be a complicated, confusing matter.

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