Do You Suffer From Cognitive Dissonance?

Do you still find yourself frustrated, losing your cool over 'Anti-Vaxxers,' calling the pandemic a PlanDemic? Yes? According to psychologist's, you suffer from what is identified as, 'Cognitive Dissonance,' because of your rationalization to ignore and deny overwhelming evidence, because of how it makes you feel; disappointed, deceived, sad, scared!

Because we as a global populous have been brainwashed, literally, for far too many years, our mind automatically assumes those accountable to bring us truth (MSM), is nothing but the truth. However, the old cliché, nothing could be further from the truth, suffices the fact that the joke is on us, more specifically, on those who believe the lie, propagated as truth.

This is old news, however, have you ever heard of 'Operation Mockingbird?' Watch it! (1min 36sec HERE).

As an illustrative analogy, CBC News, who hasn't told the truth in too many years to count, along with every MSM we know of, as part of 'Operation Mockingbird,' they have been programmed (unfathomable financial benefit), to counter act all truth as a 'Conspiracy Theory,' keeping the masses from the truth on any topic they choose to hide. THEY?

For as long as television and movie theatres have been broadcasting, the clowns behind it all, better known as the Cabal, the Illuminate, masterfully propagated also as a 'Conspiracy Theory,' have been financing movies, via Hollywood, all portraying the very evils they have been showing us on TV and Theatre 'AS THOUGH FICTION,' is very much non-fiction, alive and well in today's society, and at the root of the PlanDemic; the cold & flu season that disappeared overnight was merely re-classified as Covid-19 as a distraction from a much deeper and very dark secret.

Following PDF is invaluable!
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Speaking of CBC News, owned by the liberal government in Canada, under a proven Pedophile and Human Trafficker, Justin 'Castro' Trudeau, by the International Common Law Court of Justice, and other for-the-people-courts, outside our controlled legal system, has been caught by Rebel News, countless times lying, calling truth as conspiracy theories; from the covid-lie with government documents as proof; the covid-prisons owned & operated by the Chinese Communist Party, as well as one of the biggest 'FAKE' breakout-lies of covid in Manitoba; nurses doing triage work in their cars because hospital was so busy - yet when Rebel News showed up on site, they found hospital quieter than a babies room at bedtime.

Now I too can appreciate how such news could appear as lunacy, and yet, people who know me as quite sane and very much in his right mind is one thing - BUT - when hundreds of thousands of medical professionals from around the world, especially shy of one million epidemiologists and virologists who have signed this declaration, HERE, pretty much from day one of this lie, one eventually must muster up the courage to escape said cognitive dissonance to know and see truth.

OR - be prepared to blame no one but yourself, when the truth, about to be exposed, will not only identify the poison, fake vaccine, within you, but also the long term affects it will have on yourself and children/grandchildren, as a result of monsters knowing ahead of time, just how ignorant we the people have become - '12 minute attention span in 2000 and only 8 seconds in 2019.