Did They Tell You About This?

When someone is paying us to do a job, we do it, right! Compensation for services rendered has been around for centuries, including the likes of colluding with demonic leadership who believes they are god, such as the Cabal, the Illuminati, run by the multi-billionaire minions such as the Rothchild's, Rockefeller's, Gates, Bezos, fake Queen - who also own all MSM, SM, Pharmaceutical health and medical conglomerates, gas and oil, and, on, and on the list goes, too many to name, and too dark a path for the majority to comprehend and believe.

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Speaking of MSM (Mainstream Media), who have long been bought and paid for, to deceive the people, did they tell you about this, regarding the truth behind the Suez Canal?

Did they tell you that the Covid-lie vaccines were never tested before being injected? Did they tell you they are full of poisons, including the HIV virus? Did they tell you about being paid hundreds of millions of dollars, billions over time, to block all truth from being reported; and worse still, did they tell you that the overall motives behind the PlanDemic, zero evidence to support pandemic status, is part of Bill Gates leadership to depopulate the world in support of their fake 'Climate Change' agendas?

Of course they didn't! You, me, and the world, unless perfect like those very evil instigators, white actually for the most part and at the helm, are simply a number worthy of extermination at all costs; surprised? There's a reason these monsters are and can remain so bold in their initiatives, counting on a little thing called 'Cognitive Dissonance,' look it up already ... or read the post ... 'Do You Suffer From Cognitive Dissonance.'

Read the post 'This Devil's Advocate Bares a Smile,' if you dare. My sister, retired as a critical nurse, whom I have always had a great relationship, when directing her to the following story, her response was, "This is nothing but immoral nonsense, propagated by the anti-vaxxer movement - remove me from your list!" Love her to death - for without the truth of Christ in us that sets us free, we see only what the world dishes out.

CBC, Global and CTV Canada, all reported this as lies put out by the conspiracists - lol - of course they did - that's what they're paid the big bucks for.

As far back as you can remember, every movie that you have ever watched, from horror, to pedophile supporting and hiring children's movie producers at Disney, have all been a programming specifically designed to manipulate and deceive its viewers into believing exactly what was needed. One of those needs, was to create the stigma behind the 'Conspiracy Theory,' so when a matter of truth is shared by the public, the lying MSM would report it as a Conspiracy Theory, that would be embraced by the public at large, as ONLY IN THE MOVIES.

If we're lucky, in more specific and certain terms, if God shows the world mercy, we may escape this PlanDemic soon enough to save many of the millions of lives who embraced the fear mongering narrative, giving permission to be injected with the Covid poison vaccine; are we worthy of this mercy, considering we have long put Sodom and Gomorrah to shame?

Do we have another two, five, ten, or twenty plus years left before mercy will be shown?

This she-devil, Hillary Clinton, in the above graphic, as of this writing, is said to have long been tried, convicted, and executed (Details HERE), along with many others. It is also said we are watching a movie unfold in real life; doubles/clones are being used after parties are removed, in order to keep the narrative flowing, while further exposing other minions who are part of this deep and dark demonic PlanDemic objective.

Did they tell you about this? No they did not!

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