Chaos to Norm - Now What?

History has been proven to continue repeating itself, but could we be heading into a time where this will or could be a thing of the past, as in, chaos to norm - now what?

The world has met chaos, up close and personal, because of the biggest con in history, the PlanDemic, zero to do with health, but do we really know what norm is? Have we ever?

If our past has pretty much been a lie all of our lives, deceived into following, believing, and doing, the complete opposite to what was right, most everything a lie, little truth, not even close to the same person we would or could have been had we been born into truth, the question becomes, 'Now what?'

Do we simply overlook the past of lies and deception, and move forward pretending none of it ever happened, simply holding onto the lies as though they really were truth? Or do we look to the truth we were told and taught as lies, and build a new and better future?

Lots of questions, yet logically speaking, if we carry on as though the past never happened, holding fast to the lies we learned to be truth, rather than taking hold and building on the truth we were taught as lies, are we not setting ourselves up for failure, deceiving ourselves - building on the very evil that has and will continue deceiving the world, horrifically?

Considering that satan, the devil himself, who's mission in life is to steal, kill, and destroy anything and everything in his path, with his first and foremost primary objective, being to squash the only absolute truth known to mankind, capable of destroying him forever, Jesus Christ - then we must also take notice of how evident his motives are - not just behind the Cabal and PlanDemic, but behind every man who has ever founded a religion and called it 'god,' - behind every atheistic mind that impregnated the foolishness of 'evolution,' - or instigating the very people who having been funding the chaos and havoc of wars, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and keeping people living in debt until debt do they part.

How can a person openly share about the very answer people need, when they've been programmed to believe lies as truth and truth as a lie?

Humbly speaking, I have never thought of myself as a teacher, yet looking at the four books below, clearly a 'God thing,' and always free - if they were not mine, I'd download them, personalize each lesson delivery (Lessons To Live By | Super Hero's For Jesus), and begin teaching them to my body of believers, new and seasoned, as well as to those asking why they should trust God, His living word, and this Jesus Christ character in whom I boast.

Jesus Christ Living God How and Why we Must Connect 11 22 21
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Man Gives us Religion
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Lessons To Live By
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Super Heros For Jesus
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In closing, I truly take no credit for these books, apart from being referred to as 'Pastor Kevin' on their covers. All credit and thanks must go to, Jesus Christ Living God, for He my friends 'LIVES' - He is not dead and in a grave - He is not a figment of man's imagination - He is not the lie that the world has been deceived into believing He is - BUT HE IS HOWEVER - the only absolute, undeniable, irrefutable, inerrant, and infallible truth known to mankind - and THE ONLY TRUTH than can support itself as 'DIVINE.'

You're invited to read all books for FREE, in pdf-eBook format, where you can actually follow a link to pretty much every point being made, especially the latter two (20 Lesson Chapters), to the living word itself - and your life will change, unimaginably, IF you are serious about change and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH available for a better future.

PS: Don't think religion - think personal connection with the Author of Life!