Pastor Kevin

The most important thing to me 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is you! Since childhood, my passion always found me drawn to others, especially if different than myself; language, accent, color of skin, nationality, culture, and beliefs. 


My M.R.S. degree (Master of Religious Studies), is a direct result of this fascination, respectfully curious and genuinely interested in people; agreeing, or agreeing to disagree, is a position we must never lose, while loving all and judging none. 

'Connecting The Dots' Workshop specific

As with my books, trusting you will find them to be set apart from traditional, familiar authorship style, so it will be in a similar fashion when it comes to delivering God's 'Connecting The Dots' - One Day Workshop.

I'm excited to meet many great leaders whom I'm certain will have far more knowledge than myself, and yet, having the privilege of watching them begin to connect the dots, to information they may or may not have always had, yet leading them to a much needed and refreshing new journey, first, in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ Living God, and secondly, connecting with those they teach/coach/mentor.

This will be time well spent, and I'm humbled to play an essential part in the lives of all attendees, thank you, Jesus.

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How will you benefit from this workshop?

1/ Giving thanks is the foundation of faith, as well as a long lost courtesy around the world, for which we Christians, if honest could do much better in this area. Beneficially, this workshop becomes restorative in the sense that all major titles covered, including this one, are shared in a fashion that takes what has become unnecessarily overcomplicated, and turns it into child's play for leaders - and 100% from God's living word.

2/ Repetition is an invaluable learning tool, and using the right method, a lost art if you will, it doesn't take much to find us on an insatiable learning curve. Using '10 Primary Verses' as one example, leaders from my Third World Nations ministry, thank you, Jesus, have adopted three favorite words, "Tell Me More!"

3/ The entire workshop covering topics like the dispensation of grace, the epitome of pride, bold justified anger, or how the devil is stealing your blessings and authority, because of their simplicity and clarity in delivery, one cannot help but feel enlightened and refreshed with a new and restored outlook.