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Helping The Church & Layperson Connect The Dots

The Christian has been given an irrefutable divine message full of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that must be shared without limitation.

Sixty-six books of God's inspired, inerrant, and infallible living word, are one with 2 Timothy 3:16 - with every verse essential and relevant as we teach.
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Meaning ... 

Shadow on the Wall
Meaning, the reason we are restless - the reason the devil continues to defeat us - the reason everything drives us to frustration - living with worry, fear, and doubt - is merely a matter of connecting the dots with what we know already!

Therefore ... 

Shadow on the Wall
Therefore, what if the most zealous message from God today is to fully surrender His church back to Him - that Jesus, and not doctrine, must lead His church - that we must cease fulfilling Galatians 5:4 & 5:15, a direct result of our denominational limitations?

To the world ... 

Shadow on the Wall
To the world at large, hearing God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, for the most part, is just more religion. Every pagan belief speaks of god, not God, yet often references Jesus, but not as the Son or living God, but rather as a good man or prophet perhaps, but never, Jesus Christ Living God; yet Jesus is His name; Christ is His title; He lives; and He is God & proved it!

And dare we ...






... as we boast ...

grace for salvation alone?

Consider ...

Shadow on the Wall
Consider my own surprise just a few short years ago (35 years of study), not once covering grace beyond salvation alone - when 1 Peter 2:24, Hebrews 10:10,  Galatians 3:14, and John 10:10 confirm we're already healed, sanctified, redeemed, and prosperous - yet I was still asking and not thanking God for what's coming according to Mark 11:24; clearly the devil's objective to keep us in doubt and from fulfilling our purpose!

Imagine ... 

Shadow on the Wall
Imagine the salvation/revival potential with all glory to the living God, with inerrant & infallible truth embraced and shared, nothing added, nothing taken away, void of all doctrinal pride, led by Jesus Christ Living God and the power of the Holy Spirit within! 

CONNECTING THE DOTS one day workshop!


one day workshop

Everything you have heard, haven't heard, or must hear, will all come together in this one day workshop.

Strong faith, struggling faith, no faith, will regain or discover truth & freedom in Jesus Christ Living God.

"Change is inevitable

but change starting with self for the glory of God

is worthy of applause"

- Pastor Kevin

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